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JTA (Junior Travel Ambassadors)

JTAs are a pupil council that specialise in promoting active and sustainable travel as well as road safety. They are usually comprised of year 5 and 6 pupils but can be other year groups. Pupils get together on a regular basis with a staff lead to discuss ways they can promote and encourage active and sustainable travel and plan and deliver activities they can run themselves.

Events we have organised or plan to organise

Event name Date Activities
Bike to school week WC 27th September Posters up around school; promotion in assembly.
10 - day Active Travel Challenge 11th October - 22nd October  JTAs on the gate every day giving stamps for pupils who travelled actively every day.
Road safety awareness month November JTAs held an assembly to raise awareness and set a poster competition
Parent travel survey 21st and 22nd March  JTAs surveyed parents at the gate about how they travel to school and any concerns they have noticed on their journey. This information will be used to write to our local MP about increased traffic and the lack of safe crossing locations.
Clean air day 16th June PSHE lessons and assemblies to be based on how we can help to improve the air quality.
Walk to school fortnight  13th June - 24th June  JTAs on the gate every day giving stamps for pupils who travelled actively every day. Silly sock day on Friday 24th to end our walk to school campaign.


Improving our local area

JTA pupils had noticed that on more and more mornings, Radcliffe Way was very congested with vehicles, which was unhealthy and made crossing hazardous. As a result they completed the hands up survey with all classes and established that the large majority of pupils travel to school actively (walk, scoot, bike or bus). An increasing number of staff walk or cycle but the majority still drive however most have arrived significantly before the pupils so do not impact on the congestions. As a result they initially asked staff and parents about the main issued they noticed on their journey to school. Following the informal questions, they produced a survey with the key issued identified to establish a fuller picture of parents views. As a result of the survey, the JTAs wrote to their local MP and local councillors to reduce the congestion and crossing concerns.

MP letter

Local councillor letter


Travel plan policy can be found here.

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