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Curriculum Vision

Our Curriculum Vision Statement

At Viking we aim to offer a rich and engaging school experience in which children are active participants in their own learning. They enjoy school, form friendships and become responsible, respectful young people. 

Our Five Curriculum Driver

Our curriculum drivers underpin all elements of our curriculum; we try to incorporate the drivers in as many curriculum areas as possible. Children are regularly reminded about the key elements of each driver; assemblies are used to introduce and explore the drivers in greater depth. By emphasising the importance of these key drivers, we aim to embed these values within our curriculum, our staff and our pupils.

Our curriculum drivers are: (please click on each for further information)

  1. Ambitious: Viking children will be encouraged to be the best that they can be. They will be motivated by success and become scholarly in their approach. They will be exposed to the best that has been thought and said. Their ambition will be boundless.
  2. Articulate: Viking children will become increasingly eloquent and effective communicators. They will be able to express their understanding and share their learning widely in a range of ways. They will learn and apply technical and challenging vocabulary.
  3. Curious: Viking children will be brave enough to ask the questions that matter. They will question the way of the world and think about issues globally. They will be expressive and creative in their nature and recognise the power of individuality. They will value diversity and celebrate our rich heritage and culture.
  4. Inspired: Viking children will feel inspired by the events, individuals and stories that they hear during their units of work. Children will grow ever resilient and better themselves by learning of the barriers that people have overcome in the past and those experienced by people today.
  5. Knowledgeable: Viking children will work hard and will understand the role knowledge has in learning about the world. They understand the considerable value of knowledge and apply it to their learning. They work hard to remember what has been taught and use that to deepen their understanding across the curriculum.

Curriculum Aims

The curriculum we offer at Viking Primary aims:

  • To promote a love of learning.
  • To provide a happy, safe and secure learning environment.
  • To offer a diverse range of learning experiences
  • To nurture and build confidence in individuals so they are equipped and skilled for later life.
  • To give everyone the opportunity to fulfil their highest potential, both academically, and in respect of their wider interests and talents.
  • To offer a bespoke curriculum that makes full use of the local community and environment but also reaches out in to the wider world to nurture global thinkers; global citizens of the future.
  • To offer a wide range of enrichment activities and experiences, including after school clubs and educational visits.
  • To provide high quality teaching by well trained, highly motivated and well supported staff.

Additional curriculum information

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