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Good hydration is essential to children’s well being.

We encourage children to bring in a bottle of water every day, which they are able to access at all times in their classroom.

There are drinking water fountains at various locations in the school.

How much should children drink? 

  • The standard recommendation is at least 6-8 glasses (1.5 - 2 litres) a day, drunk regularly throughout the day (at least 3-4 glasses while at school) ensuring that plenty of additional fluid is drunk during warm weather and/or when exercising."When exercising" means before, during and after exercise and is not restricted to formal PE and games lessons, but is also applicable to active play (e.g. football in the playground or periods of running around).
  • Pupils spend at least half their waking hours in school. During this time, they should be drinking at least half their daily requirement, spread regularly throughout the day.
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